OpenLoBa - The Open Source Load Balancer

About OpenLoBa?

OpenLoba was originally created for the VMware Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge , and was started  on March 10, 2006.
I have been messing around with different ideas and working on small little projects here and there and wanted to make some sort
of project available to the public and the VMware Challenge was the push that got me started.
So basically OpenLoBa  is a bunch of open source tools put together to make a nice tcp load balancer solution with a web front end.

What does it do?

It takes a group of specified hosts and balances them via round robin. When a balanced host goes down it will redirect traffic to a
failover host until the original host is brought back up. It also has support for "sticky" connections, so it can balance services that
require a persistant connection like https.



Currently there are no mirrors.

 It can be found at

What does OpenLoBa run on?

Currently OpenLoBa is a Virtual Appliance is built using virtual machine and can be run on

VMware Player
VMware Workstation
VMware Server
VMware ESX Server

I found a bug. What do I do?

First, make sure the bug stil exists in the current version. If it does, report the bug via the SourceForge Bug System.
We can only respond to your report if you log in before reporting.

I would like to help but don't know how.

You can donate money :D,  Computer related books or anything you think that would encourage me or others to donate more time to this project.

Future plans

Who's behind OpenLoBa?

Rod Rioux (me)    openloba at
Dave White          openloba at
Adam Muratoff

Special thanks for everyone that helped me put this together so quickly.


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